Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Day 9—7/18/17

Today at the morning meeting we began going through the abstracts we had submitted and gave feedback on them.  Then Titus and I went to our lab and worked on programming a function to calculate the angular velocity for eye movements based off the eye tracking data.  We then encountered an error in running our code and spent some time trying to find the source of the error.  After spending about an hour trying to find the source of error, we switched to working on creating a program in the ball-catching animation that would depict the future frames of the paddle in the animation.  Then we went to lunch.
After lunch, we discovered the source of error in the eye-tracking analysis code.  The error in the code was that when we added the various pieces of data to the general data list we had created, we inserted each type of data into the list as a list of lists, when it was actually was just a list.  Then when we tried to run the program, the IDE that was running and compiling the code stopped working, so we spent the rest of the day reading about AI and machine learning online.

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