Thursday, July 27, 2017

Day 16—7/27/17 Updated

Today I came to the lab in the afternoon since we were going to the Mees Observatory in the evening.  When working on the interpolation code, I discovered that one of the reasons why the angular velocity vs time graphs were not being cleaned fully was because I had not interpolated the data for the accurate x and y values (instead I fit a function to the data sets containing all of the x and y values, including the ones that were paired with the invalid z values). After I fixed the code, the graphs for all of the different raw data files collected became much cleaner.  I will not be at the internship tomorrow (Friday, 7/28/17), so on Monday I will work on smoothing the graphs and getting it ready for labeling. 
In the evening, we visited the Mees Observatory in Bristol where we learnt about the history of the observatory, the telescope, and some astronomy.  I found it interesting to learn that there is a total solar eclipse that will be viewable in many areas of the United States on August 21st.  In Rochester, we will not be able to see the full eclipse, but we still will be able to see a partial eclipse.  Even though we were not able to do any viewing because it was cloudy, I enjoyed visiting the observatory very much.

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