Thursday, July 20, 2017

Day 11—7/20/2017

Today at the morning meeting we finished going through the abstract drafts.  Then we went to our labs and I continued to work on graphing the angular velocity code.  After I figured out how to create scatterplots in Python, I noticed that the angular velocity versus time graph looked like a vertical line.    Eventually, after reading through the code many times, I found that the time data I was using for the x-values on the graph had the incorrect time values.  After I fixed the graphs, I went to a meeting at the Multidisciplinary Vision Research Lab, where most of the Machine Vision/Visual Perception labs, including the one I am in, meet to tell others about their projects.  At the meeting, Dr. Pelz and a REU student explained to us how the Pupil Labs eye tracker worked and the differences between it and other eye trackers.

Here is a picture of the graph I created today (angular velocity (degrees/ms) versus time (ms)):

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