Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Day 5—7/12/17

Today at the morning meeting we watched a short video on Imaging Science and then we heard about a few of the projects that the other interns are working on.  Then we left for our labs and Titus and I began work on coding functions that would make the animation of Kamran's visualization code either pause, stop, go forward 1 frame, or go backward 1 frame by pressing various keys on the keyboard.  We then ran into a few unexpected hardware issues that slowed down our progress.  Once the issues were resolved, we were able to have those functions working properly by lunch.
After lunch we coded a few more functions that allowed the user to control their viewpoint orientation and position during the animation.  Then we learnt more about the projects that we will be working on and analyzed some of the eye tracking data we had collected on Friday.

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