Thursday, July 6, 2017

Day 1–7/6/17

My first day of the internship began with a general meeting in which we (the interns) learnt about the basic guidelines and objectives for this summer.  We then walked to the Red Barn and participated in some team building activities and games which highlighted the importance of communication and creativity in solving problems.  After having pizza for lunch, some of us went to finish the in-processing and get our IDs and email addresses.
Once the in-processing was complete, I met with my lab group—the visual perception and machine vision group.   Mr. Kamran Binaee showed Titus (another intern) and I around the lab in which we will be using virtual reality and machine learning, specifically deep learning.  After learning about some of the projects that they are working on in the lab, Titus and I spent the rest of the time exploring the programming software, Vizard, which we will be using.  Since Python is the language used in Vizard, I also looked up some of the syntax conversions between Python and Java, as I am more familiar and comfortable with Java.  I am excited to be learning more about computer programming and research in this internship and am looking forward to a fun summer.

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