Thursday, July 13, 2017

Day 6—7/13/17

At the morning meeting today, we watched a video about the Freshman Innovation course at RIT.  Then Titus and I went to our lab and worked on coding vector math functions.  After this, we worked on coding a function to make the viewpoint of the user switch to following the path of the ball by pressing a key on the keyboard. Although we were able to make the viewpoint switch to following the path of the ball by hitting the 'z' key, the viewpoint switched to being inside the ball, not outside of it (so we couldn't see the ball as it was moving).  We tried to fix this error, but after many attempts, we were unsuccessful so we went to lunch.
After lunch, we spent some more time trying to solve the error in our code and eventually we switched to collecting data with the eye tracker.  With the eye tracker, we did three recordings—walking around the building, making coffee, and also being pushed on a chair around the floor we were on (this was to see what the eye movements were if one didn't have to walk or navigate). Then we went back to the lab, worked a little bit on our abstract, and then we analyzed the videos.

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