Friday, July 7, 2017

Day 2—7/7/17

After the general meeting today, Titus and I went to our lab. We continued to learn about Vizard and Python.  We went through many tutorials for Vizard that were built into the software and learnt how to launch a new virtual world in Vizard, set the scene, move the viewpoint of the user, manipulate 3D models in the virtual world, add avatars, and interact with the user using the keys on the keyboard.  We also learnt some of the basics of Python and read many examples of code. 
Then, after a quick lunch, we learnt about and got to use some of the eye tracking equipment.  I found it interesting to learn about how our eyes and head move in sequence based on whether the target of our vision is something that was unexpected or surprised us, or whether we are turning to look at something that is expected and known.

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