Friday, July 14, 2017

Day 7—7/14/17

Today, the morning meeting began with us learning about the frequencies that are within and outside the visible spectrum and which frequencies are absorbed by Earth's atmosphere.  Then we went to our labs, and Titus and I began working on coding a function that would read data from a file of vectors and create a 2D array of floats from the information in the file.  By lunchtime, we were able to successfully extract the information from the file and create a 2D array.  However, the values in the array were strings, not floats.
After lunch, we had to switch to a new task because computer we were coding on was required for another project.  Our new task consisted of reading data from a file that contained our eye tracking data, and assigning the information to their corresponding variables.  After we finished this task, we went to see what the other interns were working on.

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