Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Day 15—7/26/17

Today some of the other interns helped us collect unbiased eye tracking data using the SMI eye tracking glasses.  Although the eye tracker was calibrated and we used a cap and an infrared filter to block out the Sun's rays when we collected the data outside, the eye tracking data was sporadic and not very accurate.  We then tried to collect data indoors by pushing someone around the hallway in a chair, however the tablet we were using to collect the data would not save the data after we collected it.  After a few more tests, we decided that we would borrow the Pupil Labs eye tracker to collect the data.
After lunch, I went to the tech talk on astronomy and young stars.  Then I went to the lab and worked on fixing the interpolation code.  I thought that I had fixed the code because when I created the graphs, they looked a lot cleaner since the angular velocity values were within the expected range (from 0 to about 700 degrees/second).  However, when I ran the code with a different data file, the graphs made it appear that the data was not cleaned.  Tomorrow, I will continue to work on finding the source of this error.

Here is an image of one of the graphs I created with the data file that appeared to be cleaned:

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