Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Day 4—7/11/17

Today at the morning meeting, we learnt about the basics of what imaging science is and its importance in the fields of science and technology.  Then Titus and I went to our lab and worked on looking over and understanding the code Kamran had given us yesterday.  After about 2 hours of reading and transferring the bits of code that we would need to use and access to a new file, we ran into an error running the code.  After spending some time trying to figure out the source of the error in the code, we took a short break and went to see what the other interns were working on.  Then when we returned to our lab, a student helped us try and fix the error and we learnt about how Python and Vizard look for files that you reference in the code.
After lunch, we reviewed the basics of vector multiplication and we also wrote programs to find the angle between two vectors and also find the resulting vector when you multiplied two vectors together.  Then we were given an overview on some of the potential projects we could work on.  I am looking forward to beginning work on my project and I hope that my project involves coding programs in Python as I am finding that a lot of fun.

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