Monday, July 17, 2017

Day 8—7/17/17

At the morning meeting today, we heard more about some of the projects that the other interns were doing.  After the meeting, Titus and I went to our lab and finished coding the program that would read and separate out the eye tracking data that we exported from BeGaze.  Then we went to a Master's thesis defense which was related to using drone-based remote sensing to examine rooftops.  After the defense, which I found very interesting, we switched tasks to working on the ball-catching code.  However, we discovered that although we believed we had saved our code multiple times last week, the version of code we could find on the computer was an old version that did not contain the functions we had programmed that week.  We spent the rest of the morning and some time after lunch reprogramming the functions into the code and saving the code in multiple places with many backups.  Then we analyzed the eye tracking data that we had collected last Thursday.  We also walked to the areas where we collected the eye tracking data from and we looked to see if we noticed anything new.

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